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Things to have on hand.


Of course, if the ceremony is not at your house, then add to this list everything that is necessary for you and your family.  This should include several changes of clothes for the baby, a box of diapers, a box of wipes, and bottles if you are bottle-feeding and a breast pump if you are breast-feeding because they usually sleep while I am holding them after the ceremony, so he may not be ready to eat when you are ready to feed him.





Ritual Object Checklist

Kippah   If you have a boy, then at least one adult full-sized kippah to go under your son's head as a pillow.




Kiddush Cup  





Tallis At least one for Elijah's Chair and one more for each person that you want to wear a tallis.  





GRAPE Wine  A new, unopened bottle of sweet grape Kosher wine (not blackberry, cherry, or any other kind.)










Candle Holders




Candles  Any type are fine -- most people use Shabbes candles or tea candles




Matches or a lighter  If there is a great-grandmothers lghting the candles, she will usually find large matches the easiest to use







If you need help with any of these or want to know about the medical

supplies to have on hand, let me know.  I am happy to help.



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