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I have placed a few links to places that I hope you will like.

Please let me know what you think of them.

Thank you.

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Want to customize your Bris or Brit Bat, but are sleep deprived?  Look here.  There are many beautiful ideas here.  Even if you have slept, it is still worth a look.




She will soothe, uplift, delight, and connect you.  I can't tell you how many copies of Neshama Shel ShlomoSoul, and the others I have bought.  Do yourself a favor, listen.







At this place, everyone holds the Torah and each other.

Want to hear a melody?  

Click here.





You should only have simchas.  But, if you know anyone who wants support re: the end of life, this is the man to call.



Looking for Jewish ideas? Answers? Conversations?  

Look here.





A traditionally radical yeshiva for queer Jews and straight allies  If you haven't learned 

Talmud here, then you have only part of the picture.



Yearning for Jewish Learning?  Here is a great place.








D * L * T * I 

Davennen' Leadership Training Institute  The odds are good that I have either told you about DLTI or used something I learned from them at a Bris you've seen.






Would you like to see some good news?
Ready for good news?  

Try these. 










Would you like to hear the best jazz music?  Go to a concert by the multiple Grammy-award winning Howard Levy. He can play three notes from each hole of a harmonica -- the sound is amazing, and he is willing to teach you how he does it here.






Dr Max Maizels -- an excellent Pediatric Urologist and a real Mentsch:


I haven't seen another Mohel perform a Bris in decades, so I don't have a specific recommendation, but I can direct you to JUF Guide to Jewish Chicago Brit Milah / Circumcision page:


















Contact me about any of these



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