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So, You have just had a boy.

Mazal Tov!


If you can, have your son circumcised at a Bris Ceremony on his eighth day by a currently practicing Mohel.

Please note: I said "On his eighth day," not "eight days later."  So, for example, if your son was born BEFORE SUNDOWN on a Tuesday, then the Bris should take place during the daylight hours of the following Tuesday. 

If the ceremony takes place after sundown, then it's not really a Bris. I haven't seen another Mohel perform a Bris in decades, so I don't have a specific recommendation.  However, I can direct you to JUF's Guide to Jewish Chicago Brit Milah / Circumcision page:   

If your son cannot have a Bris from a currently practicing Mohel, then, after he is circumcised, please contact me to perform a Hatafat Dam Brit Ceremony after he is healed.

If you have been told that your child needs more than just a circumcision, then I highly recommend that you contact Dr Max Maizels. Dr Max Maizels is an excellent Pediatric Urologist at Children's Lurie:

What is a Hatafat Dam Brit ceremony?

By simply taking a drop of blood from the site of the circumcision (ritually significant, physically, they rarely even notice) as a part of a Hatafat Dam Brit Ceremony, the circumcision is now a full Bris and your son can have a Hebrew Name announced. 

Have you picked out a name?

Are you naming him for someone?  At a Bris, we use ritual objects -- a tallis for the prophet Elijah, a kiddush cup, a kippah, and maybe candlesticks.  If the person or people that you are naming for left any of those items, try to see if you can borrow them for the ceremony.  After all, if his kiddush cup is available, isn't that the one we should use?


If you can, try to get the Hebrew / Yiddish name of the person or people that you are naming for.  If you like it -- great -- you can give that name to your son.  If not, then maybe we can find one together that has a similar sound or meaning.  Let me know if I can help.  



Who would you like to give honors to?

Think about who will be at the ceremony that you would like to honor.  When we talk, we will go through the honors available and match those to the people on your list.


Know that this is your mitzvah.

There are only about three minutes of the ceremony that are carved in stone -- everything else is up to you.  When we talk, don't be shy to tell me which prayers, readings, songs, etc. you would like and which ones you want to change or omit.  I am there to provide my voice and experience.  But it is your mitzvah.  


Together, we will make a ceremony that is loving to your son and meaningful (and, yes, even fun -- this is a Simcha) for all who attend.


Want more info or to schedule a ceremony.  Contact me.

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