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"Every person is made in The Divine Image"
                                              Bereshit Chapter 1

"A wise person learns from everyone they meet"

              Ben Zoma
Each newborn reminds us that when we look at each other a little bit the way we look at that newborn, the world is better.

If you have just had a baby, Mazal Tov!

If you are preparing in advance,  please accept my blessings BaSha'ah Tovah that your child arrives at the right time, in health, and, in every way, as a great experience of the miracle for you.

I have had a hand injury, so my practice is now limited to Hatafat Dam Brit ceremonies for boys that have already been circumcised, and Baby Naming Ceremonies for girls.  If I can help you with these or something else, please contact me.

Thank you.

Be well.


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